Thank you for your interest in Mascoutah Softball. Mascoutah is an outstanding place for young people to live and learn. The Mascoutah Softball program works daily to instill positive and moral values, along with establishing a strong work ethic that match each student’s goals in life. It is our goal, as coaches, that when a young girl leaves our program, she has not only improved academically, but also athletically. Each individual reaching her goal will help to enhance her success in whatever it is she chooses to do in the future. We are very privileged to have this opportunity to coach and teach here at Mascoutah. We hope to pass our passion and energy on to the young women that we have the privilege to coach!

Our personal goals as coaches are the following:

  • To make our program the top in the area while instilling a sense of love for the game.
  • When they leave our program, they are not only better academically and athletically, but also they are successful in whatever it is that they choose to do in the future.
  • To promote a positive environment on and off the field by instilling in each athlete positive moral values while establishing strong work ethics that match the player’s goals in life.
  • To develop a sense of pride, loyalty, and commitment to Mascoutah Athletics and School District.

7th & 8th Grade Softball Statement of Philosophy and Rules

Everything we do is for the team.


Players are expected to be at practice on time, preferable early, to warm-up and stretch. Players must be picked up promptly after the conclusion of any practice or game. All absences are considered unexcused unless cleared by a coach. A doctor’s note will be needed for any doctor appointments. Three unexcused absences or three tardies will result in removal from the team. Each unexcused absence, tardy, or late pick-up will result in loss of playing time. If a player misses the practice prior to a game, she will not be able to play the next game if it is unexcused.


Every player is expected to work as hard as possible. Players need to come to each practice prepared to give their best effort, support their teammates, and fulfill their role on the team. Everything we do is for the team. Every person on the team is important. Anyone who cannot work as part of a team, maintain a positive attitude, and give their very best each and every day will lose playing time or be removed from the team.


The players will conform to the standards as outlined in the student athletic rules and regulations. All players must be properly equipped for softball, for practices, and games. We encourage all girls to have softball pants. All players must supply their own glove and cleats. Bats and helmets are available for use from the school. All players are responsible for all equipment issued to them during the season and will return it at the end of the season. Every player and fan needs to conduct him or herself in a manner that brings credit to the school, the team, her parents, and herself. All practices will be closed, which means that only players and coaches will be on the field. During games, players need to be focused on the game. Parents are not allowed to come to the dugout unless asked by the coach or dropping off water. Not abiding by these rules will lead to loss of playing time.


Unless one is injured, all players will be expected to operate at 100%. A doctor's note is required if you are unable to participate in all activities. If you have any medical concerns, such as Asthma, make sure the coach is aware. Not giving a 100% effort will lead to loss of playing time. There is no guarantee of playing time during the season. However, practices will be designed to help all players improve their skills. Starting positions are not guaranteed. Practice effort, individual improvement, attitude, and work ethic will be major factors considered when filling out the starting lineup for each game. Although we want to win every game, our role is to develop fundamentals and improve their skills as a team and prepare them for future years in softball programs.


Any parent or player who wishes to address the coaches on any personal matter will do so in private after 24 hours. It is not appropriate to discuss issues with a parent in front of players and other parents. It is encouraged for the player, herself, to speak with the coach if there are questions about playing time. The girls are getting to the age when they can start advocating for themselves. If after meeting with the coach the parent remains dissatisfied, a meeting can be scheduled that will include the Athletic Director or Principal. We are the coaches, and we will make the basic decisions on how this team will operate, subject to decisions made by our superiors.


In order to play any sport, you must have the proper paperwork turned into the office. In addition, you must have a current physical on file with the nurse. All players must maintain the proper academic standards as outlined. Also, all players are subject to the conduct policy. Anyone who cannot display the proper conduct in the classroom and at any school-sponsored event will be subject to discipline on the team as well. Players will be allowed to ride home from the games with their parent or guardian ONLY. Prior to leaving the facility, the parent will have to sign out their child with a coach. Not abiding by these rules will lead to further consequences.