Cross Country


Middle School cross country is a sport where athletes race on an outdoor, natural terrain course, usually on a school’s grounds, on a golf course, or in a park area. The most important physical characteristic in the sport is endurance. However strength and speed are also developed through training—and mental conditioning is imperative for training and racing. Athletes race both for individual honors and as a member of their school.

The equipment needed is minimal: quality running shoes and a uniform provided by the team for the runner. Watches (GPS or not) are helpful but not required. In Illinois, the race distance is usually 1.8 miles, although some races are shorter. It is a popular sport at Mascoutah; last year, approximately 85 boys and girls participated in high school cross country.

The 2018-2019 school year saw the first official season at Mascoutah Middle School, and we are looking to build the program with great kids of all talents. If you are looking for a competitive sports team that is inclusive to many varying degrees of talent and promotes a healthy lifestyle, then look no further!

Mascoutah XC!

Cross Country