The MMS Baseball season (about 15 to 20 games) runs from mid-August through September. See the school calendar for more details on tryouts. Boys entering 7th or 8th grade may try out for the team. The team, which combines both 7th and 8th graders, consists of 15 to 18 players. All home games are played on the west ball diamond behind MMS.

7th and 8th grade Baseball Statement of Philosophy and Rules

  • All players will be at practice on time, preferable early, to warm-up and stretch. All players must be picked up promptly after the conclusion of any practice or game. Three unexcused absences or tardiness will result in removal from the team. Each unexcused absence, tardy, or late pick-up will result in additional running and a loss of playing time.
  • I expect everyone to work as hard as possible. I establish the procedures. The players will not correct each other; that is my job. We will put the team first, and I expect everyone to fulfill his role. However, this does not mean that everyone has the same responsibilities on the field. These responsibilities will be clearly defined. We will develop a team structure. I will not tolerate players who display lack of respect, a poor attitude, or laziness. Anyone who cannot operate within the parameters will be subject to disciplinary action, loss of playing time, and the possibility of removal from the team.
  • The players will conform to the standards as outlined in the student athletic rules and regulations. At practice all shirts will be tucked in. There will be no “saggy” shorts nor shorts which fall below the knee. No jewelry will be worn at practice or in the games.
  • We will do a considerable amount of running. Unless one is injured, all players will be expected to operate at 100%. Anything less will lead to more running and loss of playing time. Sometimes the whole team will run for the poor performance of individuals. However, this only applies to situations on the field. Individual actions hurt the whole group, and the team concept must be maintained. This does not mean that I want players disciplining each other. The players will learn to play without negative emotions toward each other.
  • Although I want to win every game, I see my role as developing fundamentals and a transition to future years in baseball/softball programs. We must have an integrated program (from 7th grade through 12th grade) to be successful. I welcome input from the high school coaches and encourage our players to go to the high school games.
  • I expect every player to conduct himself in a manner that brings credit to the school, the team, his parents, and himself. We will have orderly bus trips, or the team will have extra conditioning. This is important for the players’ safety. Players will dress neatly for both home and away games. The “Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct” handout covers much of this.
  • Any player who wishes to address me on any personal matter will do so in private. I will not discuss issues with parents in front of players and other parents. If a parent has a disagreement with me, we can meet in the presence of the Athletic Director or Principal. I am the coach, and I will make the basic decisions on how this team will operate, subject to decisions made by my superiors.
  • All players must maintain the proper academic standards as outlined in school policy. Also, all players are subject to the conduct policy. Anyone who cannot display the proper conduct in the classroom and on any school-sponsored event will be subject to discipline on the team as well.
  • There is no guarantee of playing time during the season. Some players may see very limited playing time during during the season. However, practices will be designed to help all players improve their skills. Starting positions are not guaranteed. Practice effort, individual improvement, attitude, and work ethic will be major factors I consider when filling out the starting line-up for each game.
  • It is impossible to outline every situation that comes up. Common sense dictates that anything falling outside of this brief statement will be subject to school policy.