MSD19 Winter Weather Information

Revised to allow for the possibility of a Remote Learning Day.

As winter weather approaches, it is important that we prepare for school closings or delays as a result of snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, or any combination thereof. We want to ensure that all necessary individuals are contacted; this is why our District uses multiple methods to disseminate information. Please check our website or local news services if you do not receive a call or email but feel the current weather conditions may impact our school day. You may also follow me or your building administrator(s) on Twitter. My account is @m19supt.If possible, we try to make the determination to close school, declare a remote learning day, or delay its start before 9:30pm the evening before so that families can make any necessary arrangements. However, weather conditions in the metro area often change rapidly and can be very unpredictable. If the determination to close school cannot be made until morning, we try very hard to have a decision made between 5:30am–6:00am.

Many have inquired about the possibility of using a Remote Learning Day, rather than a snow day. If we can plan enough in advance, we would consider a remote option. Should the weather cause unsafe travel conditions, MCUSD 19 will cancel in-person instruction. Bulleted below are factors involved in our planning. 

  • Teachers and paras having the ability to work remotely from home to instruct their students.
  • Lesson plans may be disrupted for some classes, teachers need sufficient time for modifying plans for a remote learning day.
  • We have built emergency days in the calendar for inclement weather. An inclement weather day would mean the last day of attendance is extended an additional day.
  • If we have enough advanced planning to accommodate technology needs, we will send Elementary students home with their Chromebooks the day before to allow for a possible Remote Learning Day. 

When making the difficult decision whether to delay, cancel, or have school, safety is the primary concern. It is our belief that having school as planned is always more productive than making up days at the end of the year. School cancellation means that school will be made up in the emergency days included at the end of the school calendar.

I hope this information helps you plan for the possibility of inclement weather days. I hope we do not have to disrupt instruction, once again. Lastly, as a parent, if you feel it is unsafe to send your child to school, we respect that decision and will excuse the absence.  

Craig A. Fiegel

Craig A. Fiegel, Ph.D., Superintendent