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Aug/Sept 2019 Newsletter
Aug/Sept 2019 Newsletter
Paolo Dulcamara
Friday, August 30, 2019

August/September 2019 Newsletter

Positive Growth!

Engaging every student, every day!

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We have had a good start to a great year. Yes, we had a few construction related hiccups, but change and growth always comes with some challenges. Challenges are nothing more than opportunities for further growth and development. We have all of the construction completed except our two science labs, one for 8th grade Romeo and one for 7th grade Alpha. They will be ready in mid-September. We are back in our now very aesthetically pleasing locker rooms! The cafeteria looks fantastic and we have worked on procedures to accommodate the new space which is working out so very well. Technology has also been upgraded in the building and District as well.

We were all so excited to see everyone come out for our delayed Open Houses. THANK YOU, to our new PTO for the Fantastic Food Truck Fundraiser and social.

We will be taking our Star360 fall assessments during the first two weeks in September. It is important to make sure your student is getting enough sleep and getting to school on time. Tardy to school and tardy to class can cause disruptions that not only can negatively impact testing success but daily learning success for the student who is tardy and for the students on time to class whose instruction is interrupted by the late comer.

Our goals at MMS, academically and socially/emotionally/behaviorally are always with a positive growth mentality. Again, growth will present challenges but these challenges are just further and deeper opportunities for growth. There are always some struggles along the way but do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s teacher with questions about your student’s progress or to  give some information that could help them help your child on the path to success. 


Mr. Paolo Dulcamara


Office News

From the Regional Education Office for St. Clair:

Parents and students, this is to inform you that vaping has recently been reported through various media outlets with stories involving young persons’ being diagnosed with significant respiratory illness related to vaping. The ROE would like all parents, students and educators to understand that vaping is contributing to significant illness, often leading to intensive care, intubation and prolonged hospitalization.

Character Trait of the Month: Respect is showing regard for self, others, property, and those in authority.

Some important dates:

  • Sept 2nd - NO SCHOOL / Labor Day
  • Sept 5th - PTO meeting at 6pm in the MMS Library (see PTO notes below)
  • Sept 3rd - Sept 13th is our Star360 testing window
  • Sept 13th at 4pm - 1st Quarter Progress Report can be seen in (Qmlativ) Skyward Access for Families
  • Sept 17th - Constitution Day
  • Sept 23rd - Laser Tag Night at The Edge from 5:30 to 7:30pm 
  • ...see Events Calendar for more details and other possible

Braves’ Matters

Charging Chromebooks:

In the Student Handbook on page 21, it states as the number one expectation for Chromebooks: 

  • Charge the Chromebook devices at home and bring them to school charged and ready.

On page 22, it states the consequences for “borrowing/charging” a Chromebook at school. This has changed. Students will NO longer be able to “borrow” a Chromebook. Students are required to charge their Chromebook at home and to bring it to school ready to use. Students who have a damaged Chromebook will receive a loaner but not for a Chromebook that was simply not charged at home. 

The good news is that we have a charging station in our new Cafeteria. Students can, if they have forgotten or did not fully charge at home, charge their Chromebook at Breakfast and/or at Lunch. There is no disciplinary consequence for charging in the Cafeteria. However, there is a practical consequence. Students cannot leave their Chromebook unattended. Students charging in the Cafeteria are not able to go out for Recess as they cannot leave their charging Chromebook unattended.

Again, students need to charge their Chromebook at home and bring it ready for school. If they need to charge at school, they can do so during Breakfast and/or Lunch. During Lunch they would not be able to go out for Recess as they cannot leave their Chromebook unattended.

Presently, we do not have the charging cables for the charging station. They are on order and have not arrived yet. Students needing to charge in the Cafeteria would need to supply their own charging cable. Once the charging cables have arrived, students will not bring their cables to school with them but leave them at home for charging at home.


Hello MMS!

Please join the new PTO for the first meeting of the year. We will meet in the MMS Library at 6pm.  Items on the agenda include working on the calendar for the year, fundraising, and volunteering opportunities.  All are welcome! Babysitting will be available

Thank you for coming out and supporting the PTO’s first fundraising event.

Student Services 

Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS)

Mascoutah Middle School has been implementing a program, Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) for many years.  This program focuses on social climate and teaches students the core values of respect, safety, and responsibility.  

One of the most challenging obstacles for schools relates to socially aggressive behavior; also known as bullying and harassment.  Bullying and harassment includes taunting, rumor spreading, humiliation, name-calling, exclusion, and physical aggression. These behaviors can be particularly challenging for school staff members to address because they are often covert.  

Bullying and Harassment Prevention in Positive Behavior Support: Expect Respect is a program designed to empower students to positively impact the social environment in their school.  We help students accomplish this by teaching them specific skills and including them in discussions about how these issues can be best addressed.  

These are three strategies we want students to learn.  They are: Stop, Walk, and Talk (SWAT)

If someone treats you in a way that feels disrespectful:

Step 1:  Use the school-wide stop phrase.

Step 2:  If the person stops, say something like “cool” or “okay” and move on with your day.

Step 3:  If the person does not stop, decide whether to ignore the person or seek support.

Step 4:  If you decide to ignore, don’t look at or talk to that person.  If you decide to seek support, select a school adult to approach and ask for help.  

Stopping Strategy: In a situation where a student asks another student to stop behaving disrespectfully, it is important for the accused student to utilize the following steps in an effort to de-escalate the situation:

If someone uses the school-wide stop phrase toward you:

Step 1:  Stop what you are doing, even if you don’t think you are doing anything wrong.

Step 2:  Remind yourself “No big deal if I stop now”

Step 3:  Say “okay” to the person who asked you to stop and move on with your day.

Recruiting Support Strategy:  In a situation where the recipient of disrespectful behavior has attempted to stop the behavior, yet the problem behavior continues it is important for the student recipient to take the following steps to recruit support for de-escalating the conflict.

If you use the School wide stops phrase and the person doesn’t stop:   

Step 1:  Decide whether you want to ignore it or seek support.

Step 2:  If you seek support, select a school adult to report to.

Step 3:  Approach the adult and say, “I am having a problem with _______.  I asked her to stop and she continued.

Here’s how you can help:  If you student reports a situation that sounds like bullying or harassment, please do two things: 1) Try using the steps in the Providing Support Strategy (above) , 2) Please contact a school adult to report the situation.  Since a high percentage of incidents are covert, the school adults may not be aware of the situation. By contacting us, you will help us to take actions that will help to create a supportive and inclusive school climate. Your involvement in helping us create a safe school environment for al student s means so much to our staff, teachers and community. 

Deployment Group

We are offering a deployment group for all students who have a loved one who is currently deployed or will be deploying this school year.  Students can pick up permission slips in the main office or counseling office.  

We will also be offering a new student group!  Group will begin in September. Details will be given on the morning announcements.  

Read Right Run Club

The perfect club for students who like to read, do good deeds "right", and run!  Meetings will be held on Mondays from 3:30- 4:30. Interested students should attend an informational meeting on September 13th during homeroom or see Mrs. Bryant. The first meeting is September 27th.

Athletic Department

Outside of the MMS Main Gym is a new sign that acknowledges the success of student athletes and our track team.

Please see the calendar for sporting and other school events:

What are some of the good things happening at MMS?



In the Physical Education Department, locker room remodels have officially been completed and are ready for use!  In addition, the fitness room’s upgraded rubber flooring will allow for students, athletes, and staff to work out in a safe environment.  Prior to completion, students practiced yoga and mindfulness techniques during a station in P.E. We are looking forward to a successful school year!

On Friday, August 23, Team Sierra had their first team day!  To celebrate being a team, the students recited a Team Sierra pledge, played get to know you games, and took a team picture

Remember to checkout the MMS website for News, Events and our Live Feed. Follow us on Twitter and follow the District’s Facebook page for even more information.


Mascoutah Middle School.

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