6th Grade Handout


-Each student is required to dress out in a physical education uniform.  The cost of the complete uniform is $16.00 ($8 shirt, $8 shorts).  Gym shoes and socks are required. Showers are available but not required.   

-Marks are given when students do not follow the rules.  Each mark will result in loss of point for the day’s participation points.  Should chronic infractions of rules persist, an after school detention may be assigned.  Students will receive a pass/fail grade based on participation, effort, and attitude.

-Rules for Class:

   1.  Must have socks below the knee (no leggings or tights)

   2.  Must have tied tennis shoes (an extra pair of tennis shoes recommended to be kept in hall locker)

   3.  Must have P.E. uniform with no additional accessories

   4.  Recommend all jewelry be taken off for class especially rings and earrings below the earlobe

   5.  Must not be tardy for class

   6.  May not borrow other students’ P.E. shorts or shirts

   7.  May not have shorts sagging

   8.  May not wear sports’ uniforms during physical education class

   9.  Must have hair off face and out of eyes for class

-At times the P.E. classes are outdoors for activities in colder weather.  Students are encouraged to bring additional clothing to wear such as an old warm-up suit, sweats, or jacket.

-If a student is unable to participate in Physical Education, a parent note excusing student from class will be accepted. This note is good for two consecutive days. A doctor’s note is required should a student be unable to participate for more than two days. If not participating per doctor’s note, then a doctor’s note releasing student to reenter P. E. participation will also be required.

-INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: Stay off gym floor when entering and leaving; stay out of storage area, stay off ramp area and bleachers; at end of class, students are to sit down until dismissed; do not hang on basketball rims or nets.  Anyone found damaging the school’s property or equipment will be referred to the office.

Students will experience a variety of Team Games and activities. Activities besides the regular P.E. units include swimming and running the mile.  If there are any concerns regarding these activities, please contact the P.E. staff.

Students will receive a weekly schedule regarding their activities. Please check google Docs each week.