PE Department
Mr. Mark Blunt PE/Health

Mr. Jason Schlueter PE

Mrs. Nancy Austin PE

Mr. Cole Schomaker PE

Mrs. Katy Elbe PE

MMS Physical Education Philosophy  

Physical Education is to provide students with the skills necessary to live healthy, active lifestyles. Regular involvement in physical activity has been proven to increase test performance, raise self-esteem, reduce the incidence of life threatening disease and produce a positive impact on the social and emotional well-being of an individual.

Our program is a well organized, sequential program that will allow the student to develop the skills necessary to build upon in subsequent years. Students will progress a variety of units such as Fitness, Individual Sports, Team Sports, Project Adventure, Large Group Activities, and Dance. Emphasis is on the skills necessary to participate in team sports-including kinesthetic and traditional sports skills as well as learning the rules and regulations of the various sports' activities. These skills are presented through cooperative activities which fosters the students' ability to be a positive member of a team.

Our goal is to create an array of enjoyable, challenging, and meaningful activities that will provide the building blocks necessary to prepare them for High School Physical Education and beyond.

PE Rotations
  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
 Austin Archery Volleyball  Net Games Softball
 Blunt Health Health Health Health
 Schomaker Golf Fitness Flicker Ball Soccer
 Schlueter Pickle Ball Town Ball Basketball Badminton