Mr. Rob Rudy  Math

Mrs. Stephanie Neace English/Lang Arts

Mrs. Amber Hester Science

Mrs. Elisha Behrman Soc St.

Mrs. Olivia Tomei  English/Lang Arts

Mrs. Joelle Macke Spec Ed


Toucan Team Handbook

 If you have question or concerns call the office during our team time and ask for a Toucan teacher.        

Team Plan Time:    11:48-12:34      

Classroom Expectations

The students on  the Toucan Team are held to a high level of academic and behavioral expectations.


Be Respectful:

1. Ensure your behavior does not interrupt other student’s learning.

2. Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.

3. Wait until prompted by the teacher to be dismissed.


Be Responsible:

4. Arrive to class on time and with the    proper materials.

5. Turn in completed assignments on the due date to the designated area.

6. Use supplies and equipment appropriately.


Toucan Homework Policy

All work is due on the date designated by the teacher.

1. If a student does not return an assignment completed on the due date, that assignment will be considered late. 

2. Parents will be notified about late work with an email. If an email account is not available please contact the teachers to make other arrangements. 

3.  If the late assignment is turned in the following day then the student will receive half credit.  If the assignment is not received the following day then the student will receive a zero on the assignment.

4.  After six missing assignments the student will receive an after school detention.


Toucan Policies

Agenda Policy–  Students are expected to post daily assignments and upcoming tests in their agenda.  Parents  are encouraged to  check the student’s agenda to be informed about upcoming assignments.  Homework assignments are also posted daily on the MMS website under the link classroom and faculty.


Locker PolicyStudents will receive a pass to go back to their lockers three times a quarter.  After the students have used their three passes, they will receive a lunch detention for every locker visit thereafter. 


Absent Work

Parents are encouraged to pick up absent work when a student misses school.

If this is not possible, then it is the student’s responsibility to pick up a homework packet from his or her SSR teacher. 

Students leaving throughout the day should check with their teachers for required work before leaving.

Non-Core Field Trips – It is the student’s responsibility to pick up any assignments before going on a field trip and to turn in any assignments due that day.


Band Sectional Privileges

 · Students are expected to keep track of their own  band sectional schedule and must request to go before class begins.

 · All homework must be turned in before leaving for sectionals.

 · Each student is responsible for obtaining any notes or homework covered in class.

 · Teachers ultimately decide whether or not a student may attend sectionals. If the teacher anticipates a difficult lesson or feels the student’s grade or effort is suffering, then the student will not be allowed to attend.

 · It is the responsibility of each student to inform Mrs. Richter of his or her absence from sectionals.





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