Mrs. Shubert




Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts!

“Those who are doing the reading, writing, and talking are the ones getting smarter” Cris Tovani

Being literate in today’s world means reading, thinking, writing, and discussing a wide variety of text. This year, students will read selections from Pearson Common Core Literature Text, novels from available class sets, as well as a variety of nonfiction text and short stories. Students will respond to reading in a variety of formats including writing and group discussions.


Quarter 1

Fiction Text

  • Short stories

  • Close reading strategies

  • Narrative writing

Quarter 2

Nonfiction Text

  • Newsela

  • Close reading strategies

  • Objective summary writing

  • Writing to Inform & Explain

Quarter 3

Novel: The Glory Field

  • Analyzing and interpreting text

  • Research & Informational writing

Quarter 4


  • Literature textbook: The Diary of Anne Frank

  • Related nonfiction texts

Standards: Content covered in this class will adhere to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts. This syllabus is a basic roadmap; contents are subject to change. ELA is a combined reading and writing class. Students will engage in daily reading, writing, and discussions about a wide variety of texts.  

Grades: Grades in this class will be determined by the number of earned points throughout the course. Assignments and tests are not weighted. Occasionally, bonus opportunities will be given. Students will not be penalized if they do not choose to complete bonus activities, however bonus options are only given as enrichment to information covered in class. Individual bonus options will not be available upon request to improve a student’s grade. The grading scale used is that of Mascoutah School District, and can be found in the student handbook and the agenda. Student grades can be reviewed online through the school website, using the access code provided to parents. Parents must receive information for accessing grades from the office. Individual teachers do not have this information.

Testing: Several times throughout the year, students will take part in assessments such as the PARCC test. Other district-wide assessments may also be given. These tests are important, and are used to evaluate student growth.

Homework: Homework is posted daily for all subjects. Students are responsible for recording assignments in their agenda. Assignments and homework are posted in Google Classroom. There is a Classroom for each core class, as well as a Jaguar Homework Classroom which all students will be able to check regularly.

8th Grade Expectations: There is an informational page in the Jaguar Homework Google Classroom “About” tab outlining expectations of 8th grade students both as a whole, and in individual classes. Consequences for failing to meet these expectations are also included.