Mrs. Becker 8th grade Science Jaguar Team

 My name is Mrs. Becker
Plan: 8:48-9:33

Crazy Scientist saying enjoy science

Course Description:

This science course is designed to give students an introduction to the physical and chemical aspects of Earth science. Once the science process skills have been established, we will begin by looking at outer space and the unique features of our planet. Then we will study the elements on the periodic table and their interactions with one another. Forces and interactions will be next on the list. Waves and electromagnetic radiation will be the final unit of the year.

We will integrate science into the aspects of daily life. Students will work with lab partners, participate in small group projects, and contribute to class discussion, labs, and numerous hands-on activities inside and outside of the classroom. It is the goals of the eighth grade science teachers to engage students in learning physics and chemistry through the use of the scientific process.

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Science Process Skills

Unit 2: Astronomy

Unit 3: Chemical Reactions

Unit 4: Forces & Interactions Unit 5: Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation